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Let Me Try Before You Buy creates an atmosphere to help women feel valued, visible and safe. My focus on helping women look and feel great shows that your fashion brand is attuned to women’s needs.

What I Can Offer

People who follow Let Me Try Before You Buy on Instagram and Facebook could be your future customers.

Customised plan
If you’d like a tailored strategy for your fashion brand, get in touch and we can discuss the possibilities.

I am available to offer designers or retailers consultancy on their garments and future launches. Please get in touch to discuss how I can help.

Styling sessions in your store
If you’d like a personal styling session for your loyal customers for a day, get in touch and we can discuss the possibilities.

Create your content
Please call to discuss how I can produce videos for your website and digital media.


Connecting your brand to women who love fashion

Let Me Try Before You Buy

Brand Testimonials

Fashion brands discuss the impact my video had on their sales

Let Me Try Before You Buy

Follower Engagement

Find out how to subscribe and follow for exclusive content

Let Me Try Before You Buy

Follower Testimonials

Read what my followers have said about my videos

Let Me Try Before You Buy
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Instagram IGTV Video – 15 minutes

Showcase your brand to my audience of dedicated and trusted followers with a full 15 minutes of fast-paced, engaging IGTV video content. Your brand is front of mind while I try on as many garments as I can and discuss fit, quality and how to style your garments to full effect. My try-ons are fun and informative, but most importantly they provide real value to my followers – allowing them to purchase with confidence. 

Just before filming, I will contact you via Facetime to say hi and go through any questions that either of us has. I do not try on garments prior to filming so my reactions are real and authentic. 

You are welcome to book a specific time and date for the video to be released. I can also provide data and insights to help you find the right release time to deliver optimum return on your investment. 

Facebook Group – Live Try On – 60 minutes

My Facebook group (Let Me Try Before You Buy – The Group Chat) is where my most engaged fans hang out. My audience’s focus is riveted to your brand for 45 to 60 minutes (depending on how many garments I have to work with) during a live, real-time try on. My live Facebook videos are where the real magic happens. Instead of talking to my followers, I am talking with them. Live try-ons are so much fun. This content immediately drives massive sales as the women feel like they are actually sitting in my bedroom. Facebook lives are usually done around 7.30 to 8.00 pm, when most women are free to watch and participate during the full hour dedicated to your brand. This content is ideal for a new launch with 10-20 garments, or for any brand wanting to maximise engagement and results, with an average of 400-600 people watching. I am extremely active on this page to drive momentum and engagement. Ladies comment and post pictures of garments they have purchased from my videos to show how they worked for them. 

Some brands I work with do not use IGTV, they only purchase Facebook Lives because they have seen how truly engaged my followers are during this process. Most importantly, as a brand you get direct, honest feedback from my followers.

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Working With Me Helps Your Brand To:



Quickly establish trust with customers in a new market



Show that you want to connect with size 14+ women



Be geared towards the average Australian woman



See an increase in sales within hours of my videos being posted



Achieve an excellent return on your investment, often within 24 hours

DM me on Instagram or Facebook to discuss options and payment.

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