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A Saffron Road Logo.

Saffron Road

“The 7 day period after the FB live and IGTV video dropped, we had a 330% increase in sales vs the previous week. We now use a combination of both Natalie’s Facebook and IGTV for every new collection. This has been our most successful sales strategy to date.” | Michelle (Owner)

A Nine Lives Bazaar Logo.

Nine Lives Bazaar

“We have now booked Natalie twice for live try ons within her Facebook group. In the hours following Natalie’s try on of our range, sales across sizes 14-18 boosted higher than we have seen with previous collections. The try-on drove traffic to our Instagram and evidently to our website, and we believe directly resulted in a spike in sales, in fact, we sold out of a few styles in sizes 14-18 the day the try on was posted across social media.” | Rose & Ness (Owners)

An Adrift Logo.


“Adrift is a boho/resort women’s wear label based out of Brisbane, since developing our relationship with LMTBYB not only have our customers become more engaged with our brand, we have expanded our demographic and found our return rate decrease. We love the dimension she brings to products through styling and shape workshopping and have included her content as an ongoing element of our omni-channel marketing strategy.”

A Birdsnest Logo.


“At Birdsnest our vision has always been to empower women by helping them to discover outfits that make them fall in love with themselves again. Let Me Try Before You Buy has a very similar vision which has made working with Nat and Neil a match made in heaven. Not only are Nat and Neil professional and easy to work with, but Nat’s presentations are an extremely effective way for us to introduce our brand and products to an incredibly engaged audience. Nat resonates and connects with her audience in a really natural and authentic way. Her presentations are engaging and relatable and give her community a genuine insight into the look and feel of each garment so that the consumer can be inspired and feel confident in their purchase. Working with Let Me Try Before You Buy has introduced us to many new customers, and has had a positive impact on our online sales.”

A Coven Logo.

Coven & Co.

“In just 24 hours, we noticed a 450% increase in sales and a 500% increase in website traffic. Our brand has worked with some top tier influencers (some with hundreds of thousands of followers, and some with millions of followers) and never before have we seen such a positive completed sales result. We estimate that Nat’s impact on sales was at least 3 to 4 times that of an influencer we worked with who has over a million Instagram followers.” | Sian (Owner)

An Isle of Summer Label Logo.

Isle of Summer

“After the Instagram video went live I had a big surge in website traffic which lasted at least 24 hours. On the first day, I feel the review tripled my average daily sales value (which is incredible!) and the second day my sales were double my average daily sales for October. I also gained 160+ new Instagram followers and doubled my email subscription rate. I used Natalie again for my most recent collection, and again the video performed above amazingly well for my business.” | Emily (Owner)

A Lou Lou Logo.

Lou Lou

Bamboo Fashion brand from Noosa were also ecstatic with the results from working with Natalie. One video generated over 200 sales within the first 24 hours and significantly increased their brand following. The owners said, “It was an unbelievable experience that they have never seen before, such a personal and authentic response. Natalie’s content and following are quite amazing. She is so genuine and represents how she truly feels about the product in terms of fit, feel and quality. We have booked her in for the rest of the year!”

A Love St Logo.

Love St

“Amazing! I am really excited to work with Natalie again. The IGTV and Facebook Live video introduced Love St to Nat’s community on Instagram, reached over 5000 views and on Facebook 1200 views in just a couple of days. It translated to sales over the rest of the week which has by far been more than any influencer that we have ever collaborated with.” | Tara (Owner)

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