Online Shopping with Confidence
for Australian Women

I want every woman to feel welcome, appreciated and that absolutely nothing is wrong with her body.

Shop online with confidence with Let Me Try Before You Buy.

Live Video, Real and Authentic

I am committed to helping women of all ages and shapes find garments that make them look and feel fantastic.

Instead of talking to my followers, I am talking with them. Live try-ons are so much fun as the women feel like they are actually sitting in my bedroom.

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Brand Engagement

Find out how you can work with me and what I offer

Let Me Try Before You Buy

Brand Testimonials

Fashion brands discuss the impact my video had on their sales

Let Me Try Before You Buy


Connecting your brand to women who love fashion

Let Me Try Before You Buy

Follower Testimonials

Read what my followers have said about my videos

Let Me Try Before You Buy

What Followers Say

‘Real, authentic and binge-worthy’ are some words my followers use to describe my content. As one said recently: ‘I just absolutely love watching you present. You are so true and real – makes me want to buy everything’.

The Need-To-Know

Watching someone with lumps and bumps try on size 16 garments reassures women that my try-ons are authentic; I answer the need-to-know questions and give women the confidence to shop online. If there’s something a woman needs to know about a garment, I will tell her.

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